Paramedic 2 Course Information

PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium

Course Description

This course is designed and kept up-to-date with current National Registry standards for Paramedic certification. To be eligible to enroll in Paramedic 2, the student must first complete the pre-requisite courses, Paramedic 1 and A&P. Paramedic 1 Challenge Program students enrolling in Paramedic 2 must complete the A&P requirement before scheduling the Pharmacology Qualifying Exam.

Course curriculum is available online at, and is a mixture of video, presentation, article type lessons spread across approximately 27 different chapters. At the end of the online didactic, the students knowledge is tested by a National Registry level standardized Final Exam. This exam is given online with a live test proctor through the use of a web meeting room (aka. webinar). This same webinar system will be used to attend live instructed chat room sessions and MD Round Table sessions.


The Paramedic 2 Program is self-paced, and allows only 11 months to fully complete.

Paramedic Program Course Signup Options:

Paramedic Sign Up Options

The student will have 5 months to complete the following:
  • Online Didactic (approx. 27 Chapters)
  • Homework Assignments
  • Research Exams
  • Advanced Chat Room class sessions
  • MD Round Table Chat Room class sessions
  • Pharmacology Qualifying Exam
  • Cardiology Qualifying Exam
  • Paramedic 2 Final Exam
The remaining 6 months, the student will complete the following at a minimum:
  • Three 2-Day Skills Practice Sessions (Live Instructor, Sites in TX & MO)
  • One 2-Day Skills Testing Session (Live Instructor, Sites in TX & MO)
  • 96 Hours of EMS Experience Rotations
  • 128 Hours of Emergency Room Rotations
  • 24 Hours Operating Room Rotations
  • 16 Hours of Labor & Delivery Rotations
  • 16 Hours of ICU Rotations
  • 8 Hours of Respiratory Therapy Rotations
  • 8 Hours of NEO ICU Rotations
  • 8 Hours Cardiac Unit Rotations
  • 8 Hours Cath Lab Rotations
  • Final Field Internship
    • 144 Hours
    • 20 Successful Team Leads
  • Exit Scenario Interview via Webinar with Medical Director

Student Requirements

Each student will be required to meet a certain standard of performance to stay enrolled in this course. These requirements are as follows:

  • Maintain valid American Heart Association BLS Providers certification
  • Maintain valid TX or National Registry EMT or AEMT certification
  • Complete online course didactic and final exam in 5 months
  • Complete entire Paramedic 2 program in 11 months
  • Maintain an 80% Grade Average
  • Login to website and visit course, NEWSFEED, or Message Box at least ONCE A WEEK
  • Read and Monitor ANNOUCEMENTS via PERCOMCourses Message Box
  • Participate in 3 Advanced Chat Room class sessions
  • Successfully Complete 3 Hands-On Skills Practice sessions
  • Successfully Complete 1 Hands-On Skills Testing session
  • Successfully Complete all rotation hours, patient contacts, and skills requirements
  • Successfully Complete Exit Interview via webinar with MD
  • Maintain a Professional Attitude & Behavior throughout the program

Items Included in Tuition

  • Background Check
  • 4 PERCOM Scheduled Skills sessions
  • Clinical Fees
  • Clinical Student Shirt & Name Badge
  • Clinical Malpractice Insurance

Required Items NOT INCLUDED in Tuition

  • 10 Panel Urine Drug Screening
  • Textbooks
  • Class Fee
  • Signup Fee
  • ACLS, PALS, and either PHTLS or BTLS prior to Paramedic 2 Final Exam
  • Stethescope
  • Wrist Watch with Second Hand
  • Highspeed Internet Access
  • Computer with working webcam, microphone, and speakers
  • Re-Testing Fees
  • Specialty Scheduled Skills Sessions
  • Additional Exam Prep Materials
  • Physical Form completed by your Physician or clinic
  • Copies and/or proof of current immunizations required for program
  • Health Insurance (can be short term policy for term of enrollment)