Paramedic 1 Course Challenge Information

PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium

Program Description

This program is designed for existing NREMT-A or TX-AEMT certified students that want to "skip" ahead to our Paramedic 2 Course. The Paramedic 1 Course's custom curriculum and minimum standards are slightly higher than that of National Registry standards. Because of this, we must verify the AEMT applicant has the base knowledge & experience necessary for advanced placement into Paramedic 2.


*NOTE* If you have been certified in the last 5 years for the certifications listed above, you may also qualify for this program!

Qualified Applicants have the ability to "challenge" our Paramedic 1 Course Final Exam and Skills Test, and possibly save themselves time and several thousand dollars in tuition expenses.
To Qualify for the Paramedic 1 Challenge Program, each applicant must have the following:
  • Active NREMT-A or TX-AEMT certification
  • Qualified & Accepted EMS Experience Resume
  • 3 Professional References to Verify Resume

Each applicant's registration will be reviewed, and either accepted or denied by the Program Director. Once the applicant is accepted, instructions will be emailed about how to schedule your challenge exam.

First is the online proctored, 150 question Challenge Exam. Once completed, the applicant will be qualified to register for the Paramedic 2 Course.
Last is the Skills Test, which is "in-person" at one of our Skills Lab locations. This can be completed during the time the applicant is working through the Paramedic 2 Course.

Challenge Program Signup

Program Cost: $619

To signup for the Paramedic 1 Challenge Program, you will first pay for the program by CLICKING HERE. After you have finished payment through Paypal, you will be emailed a link to register for the program. Be sure to have your resume and references ready when signing up, to avoid any possible delays.