Advanced EMT (AEMT) Course Information

Course Description

The Avanced EMT (Paramedic 1) course is designed to be above and beyond current National Registry standards for Advanced EMT (AEMT) certification. To be eligible to enroll in the Advanced EMT course, the student must be a certified EMT either with National Registry or the state of Texas.

Course curriculum is available online at, and is a mixture of video, presentation, article type lessons spread across approximately 26 different chapters. At the end of the online didactic, the students knowledge is tested by a National Registry level standardized Final Exam. This exam is given online with a live test proctor through the use of a web meeting room (aka. webinar). This same webinar system will be used to attend live instructed chat room sessions with fellow students.

PERCOMOnline's Advanced EMT Program is licensed by the State of Texas Department of State Health Services, and has been online serving students since 2008. As of 2018, we have had approximately 1000 Advanced EMT students with a overall fail rate of 3%. Of the successfully completed students, approximately 50% went on to attend the Paramedic 2 Program.


The Advanced EMT program consists of 3 main parts:

  • online coursework and final exam
  • live in-person skills training/testing
  • clinical field rotations at PERCOMOnline affiliated hospitals and EMS providers

    Advanced EMT Course Signup Options:

    AEMT Tuition Sign Up Options


    The Advanced EMT course is self-paced, and allows up to 9 months to fully complete.


    The student will have 5 months to complete the following:

    • Online Didactic (approx. 26 Chapters)
    • Homework Assignments
    • Research Exams
    • Advanced Chat Room class sessions
    • Advanced EMT course Final Exam

    The Advanced EMT course student will have the remaining 4 months to complete the following:

    • Two 1-Day Advanced EMT Skills Practice Sessions (Live Instructor, Sites in TX)
    • One 1-Day Advanced EMT Skills Testing Session (Live Instructor, Sites in TX)
    • Clinical Requirements for PERCOM's Adavnaced EMT Course


    Student Requirements

    Each student will be required to meet a certain standard of performance to stay enrolled in this course. These requirements are as follows:

    • Maintain valid American Heart Association BLS Providers certification
    • Maintain valid TX or National Registry EMT certification
    • Complete online course didactic and final exam in 5 months
    • Complete entire Paramedic 1 program in 9 months (if testing for AEMT certification)
    • Maintain an 80% Grade Average
    • Login to website and visit course, NEWSFEED, or Message Box at least ONCE A WEEK
    • Read and Monitor ANNOUCEMENTS via PERCOMCourses Message Box
    • Participate in 3 Advanced Chat Room class sessions
    • Successfully Complete 2 Hands-On Skills Practice sessions
    • Successfully Complete 1 Hands-On Skills Testing session
    • Successfully Complete all clinical hours and patient contacts (if testing for AEMT certification)
    • Maintain a Professional Attitude & Behavior throughout the program

    Items Included in Base Tuition

    • Background Check
    • 3 PERCOM Scheduled Skills sessions
    • Clinical Fees
    • Clinical Student Shirt & Name Badge
    • Clinical Malpractice Insurance

    Required Items NOT INCLUDED in Tuition

    • 10 Panel Urine Drug Screening
    • Textbooks
    • Class Fee
    • Signup Fee
    • Stethescope
    • Wrist Watch with Second Hand
    • Highspeed Internet Access
    • Computer with working webcam, microphone, and speakers
    • Re-Testing Fees
    • Specialty Scheduled Skills Sessions
    • Additional Exam Prep Materials
    • Physical Form completed by your Physician or clinic
    • Copies and/or proof of current immunizations required for program
    • Health Insurance (can be short term policy for term of enrollment)