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Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt


Advanced  EMT

      Thank you for your interest in our Online Advanced EMT Class. We are proud to offer a course that is flexible, affordable, and convenient. We achieved this by providing a hybrid program that encompasses an online training environment as well as hands on skills and in the field clinical training. This course is designed to meet and exceed the standards put forth by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's (NHTSA) National EMS Scope of Practice Model and is approved by Texas Department of State Health Services. 

                   AEMT Program Approval Number 600026       



   The list below is the requirements to enter the course there are other requirements that you will encounter in the various phases of course. 

Please read Course Requirements before enrolling.

1. Government Issued Photo ID

2. Current EMT Basic Certification (National or State)

3. Current Health Care Provider (HCP) CPR Card


Human Anatomy and Physiology

   This course is the starting point for EMT-Advanced Education. It is included in the tuition cost. The student must complete A&P prior to beginning didactic coursework in the EMT-Advanced Curriculum. Students who have passed a college level A&P course with a minimum of a “C” will have our A&P requirement waived.


   The didactic portion of the course is given online. The course is self-paced, and the student may finish as quickly as he/she would like. The course includes PowerPoint presentations,   video lectures, homework assignments and research exams. In addition, there are weekly instructor/student chat rooms. In the chat rooms, the students can question the instructor on course material. After the Q&A session the instructor leads the students in an interactive scenario. All students are required to attend 3 chat rooms before completing the Didactic portion of the course.

Psychomotor Skills

                                      After completing the pharmacology portion of the didactic course (approximately 25%of the course), the student will be allowed to begin skills training. Student will attend two 2 day skills practice sessions and one 2 day skills testing session at a PERCOM facility in Texas. Students are required to view all of the skills training videos contained in the course prior to attending the practice session. In addition the students are required to memorize the steps on each skills sheet prior to attending the sessions.

Clinical Practicum

           Students may begin clinical practicum after completing the second skills practice session. There is a total of 168 Hours required to complete this Practicum as well as skill performed and patient contact requirements.

 Hour Requirements




Respiratory Therapy:8



Caveat: If the student does not acquire the minimum patient contacts the student may have to attend additional clinical rotations.


Course Completion

After passing the online didactic course, passing the skills testing, and completing the clinical practicum requirements of the course, the student will graduate. The student will be given a course completion certificate and will be marked “eligible” in the NREMT database to take the NREMT AEMT exam.  At this time the student may begin Paramedic 2



                The EMT-Advanced program cost $2600.00 which include tuition, Textbook, and Insurance.  If you pay in full at Purchase/Enrollment page then you will have instant access The Registration Page which quickens your enrollment, or you may initiate an  in house PAYMENT PLAN  designed to make higher education affordable and obtainable, however this adds a 48 hour delay in access to the Registration PagePERCOM accepts Money Orders, Purchase Orders and Credit Cards. If you have any more questions concerning the course please write our Help Desk.