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This course is 11 month self-paced Advanced-EMT course broken into three parts Didactic, Psychomotor Skills, and Clinical. Students must maintain an 80% to prevent being put on academic probation as well as fulfill the weekly participation requirements. These requirements are set to help with retention of information and to ensure success at the NREMT level of testing. Students that are successful at Percom are self-motivated and problem solvers, which happens to be natural instinct for EMS 
professionals. Instructors and Doctors are incorporated into a student’s training to guide mentor and mold students will they attend as well as teach anything taught in a class room or from a lecture is preformed online in the way of PowerPoint presentations, video lectures, homework assignments and research exams. In addition, there are weekly instructor/student chat rooms covering scenario training, documentation and legally scenarios. In the chat rooms, the students can question the instructor on course material. All students are required to attend a minimum of 5 chat rooms before completing the course but are encouraged to attend as many as they wish.. At the conclusion of the online book work, the student will take a proctored final exam administered by webinar with a Percom Test administrator. This is where the student will need a Webcam and speakers to attend the test.

To be eligible for entry into our program a student must be 

18 years of Age Prior to Course Completion

Unofficial High School Transcript or GED

American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR card

National Registry EMT certificate

Must be able to Read at a College Level 

Psychomotor Skills
After successfully completing the final exam the student will be eligible RSVP for their Exit Session skills event. These sessions are posted months in advanced on the School Calendar please refer to this prior to enrollment in order to effectively plan your education. Advanced-EMT skills training consists of 2 training sessions and a Testing session. These sessions are two days each and are held at approved PERCOM facility. Where Students will be asked to view all of the skills training videos contained in the course prior to attending the practice session. In addition the students are required to memorize the steps on each skills sheet prior to attending the sessions to help facilitated practice on skills, extrication practice, and scenario 
and skills testing. 


Clinical Practicum
Students may begin registration for clinical after he or she has successfully completed a skills testing session. There are a total of 168 Hours required to complete the advanced clinical requirements as well as skill performed and patient contact requirements to meet. These hours can be completed at hospitals, EMS agencies and 911
 emergency Fire Department that are within Percom’s network. Our various partnership with organizations such as MED Star, Champion EMS, East Texas Medical, and on your availability as well as the clinical site availability. Acadian EMS allow for a variety of training environments to learn from. Scheduling your rotations will be handled by the Clinical Department and it is based 
Percom’s goal is to help EMS professionals achieve advancements in their career, while tending to everything else in life. We are currently offering an interest free payment plan starting with 600.00 down or you may pay the tuition in full and save on Admission fees.