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This is a 12 week self paced course that can be completed locally. Students will learn how to create effect quiz and testing material, informative presentations and teaching skills for the modern work atmosphere. This course is designed to meet the needs of EMS personnel who need an “Adult Methods of Teaching” program. It is based on the 2002 standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  It can also be used by students from other disciplines to complete a minimum 40 hour “Adult Methods of Teaching” course if approved by their individual disciplines. You will be given a maximum of 3 months to complete the course.   

Texas EMS Instructor Certification

The Online EMS instructor Course is approved by Texas Department of State Health Services. Students who reside in Texas and successfully complete PERCOM's Instructor course will not have to take the Texas State Instructors Exam.  Students will be able to present their PERCOM Course Completion Certificate and pay their certification fee and they will receive their Texas EMS Instructor Certification.

Oklahoma EMS Instructor Certification

Percom's Online EMS Instructor course is approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Successful completion of the EMS Instructor course will qualify candidates to apply for Oklahoma EMS Instructor Certification.Â


Students from Idaho and Missouri have also successfully completed the course but other states and countries may have different requirements, and the ability to take an online program may require prior approval by the appropriate certification or licensing department. It is up to the individual candidate to confirm or obtain approval and acceptance of this program for any state or country other than Texas or Oklahoma.